the Over50 generation is Re-Inventing their Future

On May 1, 2021 the Move in2 the Future launched the Wize Move Society: a unique online community especially for those who are over50 and entering the next stage of their life. The Wize Move Society is the answer to all the research being done on midlife and beyond, the realisation that there is a major demographic shift, that the over50 generation is growing fast, living longer, better education than ever, healthier and more active. A generation that wants to contribute longer, be of value, live life at the fullest, a generation that is re-inventing retirement!

Wize Move Society is bringing people from the over50 generation together to have fun, meet new friends, to prepare themselves for the next stage of life, to learn from each other and to share  knowledge, experience and wisdom. Most importantly, create solutions for the challenges that the over50 are facing, to start new businesses, to think about a next career move,  or semi retirement opportunities.


If you are not able to register as a member for the Wize Move Society using a Debit or Credit card, please contact us here so we can give you different payment options 

Wize Move Society

The world is facing a growing older population with an increased life expectancy. A population that is healthier, more active and better educated than ever. The over 50’s bring knowledge, experience and wisdom that is of significant importance for organisations, for the economy and for society as a whole. This generation will  be part of the workforce much longer, because they love to stay active, to contribute, to make an impact but also to be able to secure their retirement income probably way into their 90’s. 

The world around us is changing rapidly and the over50 generation can and should play a significant role in creating the future and build a legacy we are proud to leave to the next generations.

In society, the  economy and on the labor market, change is clearly noticeable; a result of far-reaching digitalisation, robotisation, increasing complexity and the totally unexpected emergence of the COVID-19 virus. In this time of  disruptive change, we need to work together to create a world that is more humane, more sustainable and more connected. A world that offers a safe place for everyone and and offers equal opportunities for people of all age groups, cultural and educational backgrounds, gender, etc.

Our Vision

We see the 50plus generation playing a significant role in the creation of a new future for all of us by sharing their knowledge, experience and wisdom, by stepping forward, being active members of society and pro-actively contributing to building a legacy for generations to come.

Knowledge is no longer enough: flexibility, creativity, innovative capacity, entrepreneurship and self-learning capacity, leadership, self-knowledge and the ability to respond quickly to changes are becoming increasingly important. When facing the new challenges, many people tend to stick to old habits while a new way of thinking and a new perspective on society is needed; the members of this group often have to re-invent themselves and explore how to use that enormous potential in a way that suits them as human beings, that fits in with the new reality, which focuses on creation and innovation.

Facing Reality

We acknowledge the reality of day to day life:

  • More than ever we notice the prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age (ageism). 
  • Many organisations are not focused on ways to retain or recruit people over50 for their workforce.
  • Many men and women who have lost their jobs or business in the past couple of years, have a hard time to find a new role in society. It needs a different mindset and different perspective on the world, and their own demands may have changed: there is a need to re-invent themselves.
  • Although we live longer, many men and women do not have a sufficient retirement plan and cannot afford to stop working at the age of 65 or even 70.
  • Loneliness and even depression can hit caused for example by empty nest, loss of partner, loss of work environment, pandemic, etc

There is a search for purpose, passion, pleasure and a paycheque 


50 plus co creation

Our Intention

Offer an environment to meet like minded people from all over the world and all walks of life, to connect, have fun and contribute to build a better future all of us

Shift the way society and organisations think about the 50plus generation and the significant role they can/should play in the economy and society

Change the mindset of the 50plus generation so that they prepare themselves for the next stage of their life, are aware of their potential and their ability to play an active role in creating their own future and the future of the generations to come

Have a positive impact on the economy by creating new opportunities, projects and jobs, to empower this generation and amplify their voice

“Research has shown that people in general, perform better, are more motivated and more creative, when they are part of a community of like-minded people”

Move in2 the Future offers the 50plus generation that community!

Wize Move Society

Move in2 the Future offers a unique concept that brings people of the over50 generation together in a safe online environment: a community where we together take time to reinvent ourselves, find our purpose, acquire new skills, share ideas about the new challenges we are facing and where we create new solutions, new opportunities, businesses,  projects, NGO’s: community based economic development!

But there is also time to relax and have fun: coming together in weekly world cafe settings where we really get to know each other on a deeper level. Or where we can gather to exchange ideas about our challenges or start writing our stories.

It will be an expanding, evolving eco system that we are not only part of, but where there is  an opportunity for each of us to take the lead in new activities and new ventures.

50 plus community