"Do not Fight the Old, but Create the New"

Move in2 the Future was founded in 2020 by 2  entrepreneurial women  Saskia Harkema and Ingun Bol de Bock, who together offer almost 60 years of experience in the world of science, business, training at national and international level, start-ups, social entrepreneurship, NGOs, etc. They love working with people with many different nationalities, cultural backgrounds, age groups, gender or educational backgrounds. Both have a strong vision of the future and have shown that they can respond quickly to developments in society and the economy.

In the beginning of 2021, Saskia had to decide to focus on her work as a humanitarian and  peace building. As Move in2 the Future we are very grateful for the wisdom and the vision she was able to share in the first year of our existence.

Together with a group of experienced thought leaders, Ingun is committed to lead Move in2 the Future into the next decades and make change happen!

Working with this target group of the 50plus generation really appeals to her because she believes that there is so much knowledge, experience and wisdom to tap into and can be transformed into solutions for challenges we are facing right now.

Ingun Bol - Move in2 the Future

Ingun Bol - Bock CEO Move in2 the Future

Ingun is an entrepreneurial woman who is always looking for new challenges. She has a wide experience in the corporate world (IT industry) mostly in change management, education, sales and marketing. After a career of almost 20 years, she started her own business in the beginning of 2003 because she became more and more aware that she needed to go on her own journey.

For the past 18 years she has been a social entrepreneur and advisor in different industries.
Ingun is a connector and builds bridges between many organisations and people. She will always choose the human approach and builds futures based on trust, respect, empathy, compassion, equality, diversity, authenticity, sustainability and collaboration.

“In this world of change I believe that each and every one has to take responsibility of their own future, the future of their family, the community and of the world. We are moving from a target driven society to a value driven society where we empower people who will step into their leadership and change the world”

Over the past 10 years she became more involved in women empowerment and finally in 2016 she knew she had to take responsibility herself and build a movement with the potential to make a real impact to change the world. She founded Female Wave of Change with the ultimate goal to change the world into a more conscious, more humane, more connected and more sustainable place for all by guiding women to step into their leadership and become the Authentic Feminine Leaders the world needs right now. Female Wave of Change now is represented in almost 50 countries, runs a very successful online and local transformation program “Women Leading in Change” and supports women and families all over the world with their local organisations.

Her entrepreneurial spirit guided her to co-found Move in2 the Future in the beginning of 2020 (at age 60!). She strongly believes this generation can and should play an important role to recreate the future. She has the vision to build a global, expanding and evolving online community with this amazing generation: she cannot wait to find solutions for the challenges this generation is facing, to start new business opportunities, create new projects and to do this together with people from all over the world.  

Tebello Mokhema

Tebello Mokhema - Projectleader Wize Move Society

Tebello Mokhema is a leadership and business consultant with 20 years’ experience in the management and leadership of human capital. She has held executive positions in a range of industries including banking, electricity and aviation, She has held non-executive director positions in investment and education related organisations on a global stage. She has provided leadership skills in the development of a viable and successful regional airports leadership in Africa. She is experienced in working effectively in global organisations that are based in Africa. She has effective project & stakeholder management skills. She is an is an experienced moderator and MC for large-scale international events and conferences. She is an advocate for the development of communities through the development and empowerment of women.

Elsabe Trollip

Elsabe Trollip - VA Move in2 the Future

Elsabe Trollip is a PA & Lifestyle Virtual Assistant for creative and visionary women trying to balance multiple ventures and a busy home life. After a long, successful Retail career, Elsabe decided to take her passion for serving and empowering others and start her own business, Elsabe Trollip VA, thereby empowering herself in the process.


Elsabe considers leaving a successful 30-year career to start her own business, Elsabe Trollip VA, in a fragile economy at age 54 as one of her biggest accomplishments in life. It was only when she started her own business that she discovered what her true strengths are.

Wife of the world’s best husband and mom to two fur kids, Elsabe lives in Cape Town, South Africa.


Meet Our Wize Move Thought Leaders

Annalie Killian

Annalie Killian (France) - Thought Leader

Annalie’s life purpose is optimizing human potential that translates into adaptive, resilient and happy people. Having worked in the eye of massive disruptive change in Africa, Australia, China, the USA, and now France, she knows what keeps not only the Board and CEOs awake at night, but also their workforce. She has built a global career around anticipating emerging trends and disruptive technologies that shape culture, shift behaviour, disrupt business models, and demand new skills and capabilities. She has applied these insights to guide strategic change, transform corporate culture, innovate learning models and systems, design unique partnerships and re-invent herself repeatedly.


She currently works as Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships at sparks & honey, a New York-based strategy consultancy that combines AI and machine learning with the best of human intelligence to make sense of global challenges, emerging trends and accelerating change. She leverages her international experience and her vast global network of game-changers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to connect client challenges to smart thinkers and do-ers for new insights, innovation solutions and investment opportunities.

She serves on the Advisory Board of several accelerators and start-ups and is passionate about greater representation and inclusion of women in all arenas of leadership and the global innovation eco-system.

Mary Jane Roy

Mary Jane Roy (Netherlands) - Thought Leader

Mary Jane Roy is a highly motivated and dedicated corporate advisor, facilitator and presenter. She shares with others, how to develop more effective strategies to thrive in their lives.

She started her career as a Military Nursing Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, with a specialty in cardiac diagnostics. After leaving her military and nursing career, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry. Then, together with her husband, she consulted in the fitness business.


Since 2008, Mary Jane is certified as: Resiliency Coach | Stress Counselor | Sleep coach | Happiness @ Work Coach | Foundations of Positive Psychology, University of Penn | Science of Well-being, Yale University | Skogsfloating Trainer | NLP Master Practitioner. All add to her mastery of the skills needed to thrive.

In 2011, at the age of 55, she started her company www.creatingwaves.nl

Viola Edward

Viola Edward (Cyprus) - Thought Leader

Viola Edward is the founder/CEO of GRIT Academy. Multi-awarded personal, corporate advisor and mentor. A Transcultural Psychotherapist, Mentoring, Coaching & Breathwork Trainer. Humanitarian, Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. SDG 17: Partnership to achieve the goals.


CEO Kayana Consulting, Partner/ED of Creative Women Platform, Co-creator of BQ – Breath Intelligence and GRIT Method.

Committed to the creation of a sustainable society since 1993, the author of 2 books, one is Amazon Best Seller and co-author of 11 more.

Sits on the board of several institutions serves as Ambassador for Human Rights.

Dr Tatiana Rowson

Dr Tatiana Rowson (UK) - Thought Leader

Originally Dr Tatiana Rowson trained as a counselling and clinical psychologist, is an academic, researcher and facilitator based at Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK, where she holds the position of Lecturer in Coaching and Personal Development. She is responsible for the personal and professional development of students on MBA, Masters and Undergraduate programmes.


Her research takes a life-course perspective to explore life, work and career transitions, with a focus on midlife and beyond. She is particularly interested in how these transitions impact the experience of ageing and well-being at work, and the labour force participation and economic activity in later life. Tatiana is passionate about research that improves the quality of life of people in the real world.


Tatiana is an experienced and qualified psychologist and executive coach. She has worked with several high profile national and international, public and private organisations in the UK, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates. She has practised in a wide range of sectors including banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, media, energy and manufacturing.  


In 2013, Tatiana was awarded a PhD from Keele University, UK, for her research on the transition and adjustment to retirement. She is also a published scholar with book contributions and articles on career and life transitions, behavioural change and coaching, as well as on health, well-being and personal development. Tatiana has an MBA from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She also trained as a Systemic Therapist. An Honorary Founding Member of the Association for Coaching, Tatiana holds a Professional Certificate in Coaching (PCiC) and a Professional Certificate in Supervision (PCiS) from Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK. 


Tatiana is married and has three daughters. When not at work, she likes to explore the countryside around South Oxfordshire with her family.

Nienke van Bezooijen

Nienke van Bezooijen (NL) - Thought Leader

Nienke van Bezooijen (the Netherlands 1967):
“Since I was very young, I found out I could be in service to others: I ended up being a nurse. Using my emphatic skills, my helicopter view, I grew into high-level management in healthcare. I did my BA degree at the age of 40 but I knew there was more in life…. I re-birthed myself. I started an inner journey. I searched in what form and shape my talent could serve the world best: As an entrepreneur.

I provide the world with a voice, balance the feminine and masculine qualities in public speaking. Wrote books about it and licensed my public-speaking method to my team.
Once heard you can never be unheard again…. Once seen, you can never be unseen anymore…..
On the path from inner purpose to outer impact, we leave our legacy by speaking up. I am a mentor on personal development combined with finding your authentic voice in several global organisations. I am a facilitator within the Business plan for Peace programs in conflict prevention. In July 2021, I will be a certified Heartmath trainer and coach.

I am a mother of two adult children, a partner of my dear Piet, who is already retired.

Nicolette Wykeman

Nicolette Wykeman (UK) - Thought Leader

Nicolette Wykeman, the founder of Silverforce Coaching is passionate about supporting people in midlife in (re)finding happiness in their current or future role. What gives them purpose and how can they be their best self after many years? How can they make the transition into their third or perhaps even fourth new career? These are just a few questions she will help to explore with her solution based and creative coaching approach.

An advocate for life-long learning, she completed a Masters in Careers Management in 2017 on the topic of retraining and retaining older workers and since March 2020 being the Ambassador for the Aging2.0 Brighton Chapter in the UK. Aging2.0 is an international network of chapters that strives to accelerate innovation to address the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging.


She is looking forward being an active Thought Leader for Move in2 the Future contributing her knowledge and expertise about the ageing workforce over the past three years.

Renee van der Burg

Renée van der Burg (NL) - Thought Leader

Renée van der Burg has a long track record as global HR Leader in international high-tech companies, focusing on talent management, leadership development and on creating engagement and lasting change. Having worked and lived across the world, she is now based in the Netherlands, where she is also born.

In recent years, Renée has built extensive experience as an independent career and leadership development consultant, in her own business Capricorn Consulting. She is also active as mentor in several organizations, with a particular focus on empowering people to step into their authentic leadership.

As Board member of global organizations like Female Wave of Change and Inspired Women Lead, she enables women to change the world into a better place for themselves, their families, their communities, the organizations they work in and for the world.

A graduate of the University of Utrecht with an MSc in Psychology, she has also obtained a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Rochester-Simon Business School and attended professional leadership courses at the IMD Business School in strategic leadership, Human Resources at the University of Michigan and a HR Board Program at the Hemingway Professional Governance center.

Renée is happily married for more than 35 years, has two adult children she is very proud of, walks her dog daily, always looks for interesting webinars and articles, loves singing, drawing (mandalas), reading and traveling.

Marion van Leeuwen

Marion van Leeuwen (NL) - Thought Leader

Marion’s passion is the human potential and the immense opportunity to assist companies, teams and individuals by making continuous learning relevant, accessible and inspiring and increasing skills & competence at scale. Her whole career centered around learning, technology and go to market with people at the heart of everything she does.

She is an experienced Leader and Sales Management professional. Particularly strong in defining the Go to Market motion for Global & Strategic Customers and Prospects (Fortune 500). Throughout her career, Marion worked in high growth organisations, working through merger and acquisitions and integrating and developing new teams.

Marion’s current role is VP Strategic Accounts and she leads the Strategic Segment focused on Strategic & Global customers for Pluralsight in Europe. This segment, from its inception two years ago, created 3.5x growth and was the Incubator for this new segment globally.  Pluralsight is a leading technology workforce development organization which helps companies and teams build better products by developing critical technology skills, improving processes and gaining insights through data.

Working in environments where there is so much improvement required on Diversity & Inclusion, a key focus of Marion has been and is to empower women in every part of the organization through programs, coaching and mentoring.

Marion is married and proud mother of four adult children, who all study in different cities in the Netherlands.