Wize Move Society offers and online safe environment where the over50 generation can connect with like minded people from all over the world, where we together prepare ourselves for the next phase in our life. We explore our opportunities, learn, awaken our leadership and entrepreneurial mindset, create new projects or businesses, and move in2 the next phase of our life while making new friends, having fun, age healthy and build a financially sustainable future.


The members of the Wize Move Society are

Wise men and women who have build their knowledge and experience over many years. Who are driven by their values and act from their heart. Who are very conscious about the role they can play and the positive impact they can create in society to shape a better future.

Men and women who are aware that they will have to prepare themselves for the future, and learn to see the world and society from a new perspective. Who are aware that, to be able to find solutions for the challenges we are facing, a different mindset and a new way of thinking is needed: we need to create and innovate.

Men and women who want to play an active role to shape the future. Who are committed to contribute actively to create a growing, active and evolving eco system.

Men and women with a focus on action, on making change happen. 

50 plus community

Are you ...

  • over50 and wondering how to prepare yourself for the next 15-20 years of your working life: is it time to re-invent yourself? Or are you looking for new friends, a new network of likeminded people?
  • over60 and asking yourself how to move in2 the next stage of your life, while being of value, creating an impact and earning an (extra) income?
  • over70 and exploring ways to live a purposeful, happy and joyful life? 
  • over80 and an active member of society or the economy?

    We offer our members

    • An inspiring and safe online environment to meet, have fun, learn, create and innovate
    • Free weekly online world café sessions to meet, connect, share, inspire, support
    • Training programs developed by experts from all over the world, especially for our over50 community
    • The opportunity to focus on healthy ageing: physically, mentally and emotionally 
    • The ExperienceIncubator: a program to awaken our entrepreneurial mindset 
    • Mentoring and Coaching
    • A library with articles, podcasts, blogs and video’s 
    • Online Live Conversations, Webinars,  Summits, etc

    These are examples of the many activities that will be organised, but we also invite our members to contribute by sharing their knowledge, experience and wisdom

    IMPORTANT: All trainings, workshops, coaching sessions are presented to you by a highly experienced team of teachers, trainers and coaches and offered to you for free, or at  reduced fees. 

    Your Investment:

    Yearly fee of the Wize Move Society: €119.00 incl VAT