The Move in2 the Future Community

On May 1, 2021 Move in2 the Future launched an online community especially for the 50 plus generation. A community where we bring together people from all over the world and from all different backgrounds. Our goals are: to have fun, to meet new friends, to re-invent ourselves, to learn from each other and to share. Most importantly, we want to create solutions together for the new challenges that we are facing, start new businesses, think about our next career move or semi-retirement opportunities.

We believe that the 50plus generation has a significant role to play in shaping our own future, to making a positive impact and leaving a legacy to be proud of for the next generations.

Research has shown that people in general perform better, are more motivated and more creative when they are part of a community of like-minded people: Community based economic development can be the answer 

Move in2 the Future offers the 50plus generation that community!

The members of the Wize Move Society are

Wise men and women who have build their knowledge and experience over many years. Who are driven by their values and act from their heart. Who are very conscious about the role they can play and the impact they can create in society to shape a better future.

Men and women who are aware that they will have to re-invent themselves and learn to see the world and society from a new perspective. Who are aware that to be able to find solutions for the new challenges we are facing, a different mindset and a new way of thinking is needed: we need to create and innovate.

Men and women who want to play an active role to shape the future. Who are committed to contribute actively to create a growing, active and evolving eco system.

Men and women with a focus on action, on contributing, on making change happen. 

50 plus community

A community of men and women who have the desire

  • to be part of a very divers group of like-minded people of the 50plus generation, from all over the world and all walks of life
  • to make new friends, expand their network and create a new support-system
  • to play an active and positive role creating the future
  • to work together to create an impact and build a legacy
  • to share their wisdom, their knowledge and experience but are also eager to learn
  • to be entrepreneurial, creative and willing to go beyond the status quo and their own self interest
  • to expand this unique community together and collaborate to build a healthy and sustainable Wize Move ecosystem

Examples of a desired outcome

Accelerate the transition process of the fundamental change of society while tapping into the significant knowledge, experience and wisdom of the older generation

  • New roles in the corporate world, M&S Companies, Government, Education, etc.
  • Finding solutions for the new challenges, we are facing and creating new opportunities together.
  • Creation of new sustainable income streams
  • Creation of new projects for society, communities
  • Mentoring roles for younger generation
  • and so much more
50 plus co creation

We offer our members

  • An inspiring and safe environment to meet, have fun, share, learn, create and innovate
  • Free weekly online sessions to meet, connect, share, inspire, exchange
  • Training options  like our successful masterclass “Time to Reinvent yourself”
  • A health centre where we focus on physical, mental and spiritual health. Classes and workshops 
  • Training mindset and skills: eg. mindset programs, entrepreneurship, leadership, networking, social media, presentation skills, tech, coding
  • Programs to prepare yourself to become independent  coaches, mentors or start your own reiki practice
  • Workshops on for example story writing, photography or cooking
  • Collective book writing and  publishing
  • Mentoring, Coaching, Consulting
  • Library with articles, podcasts, blogs, video 
  • Free Innovation Labs 
  • Incubator facilities
  • You will also find us outside the community with Life Conversations, Panel discussions,  Summits, etc

These are examples of the many activities that will be organised, but we explicitly invite our members to contribute by sharing their knowledge, experience and wisdom

IMPORTANT: All trainings, workshops, coaching sessions etc are presented to you by a highly experienced team of teachers, trainers, coaches etc and offered to you for free or at very reduced fees. 



Yearly fee of the Wize Move Society: €119,00 incl VAT