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Every day I realise how fortunate I am to live my purpose and do the things that I love most: empower people so together we can create the future and change the world into a better place for all!

Right now I have to work hard to launch the Wize Move Society for the 50plus generation, but I am doing it with a fantastic team. And each day, more and more inspiring people from all over the world are joining us to make the Wize Move Society successful. It is a dream come through!

It has not always been like this.

I have spent a big part of my life trying to fit in, trying to do the things I thought my family, school, my employers and society expected me to do.  I was very successful at it, too. I graduated at the top of my class as an engineer. I broke the glass ceiling in the corporate world. And I had a beautiful family with my husband and two daughters, a big house, boat, horses ….

Still, I wondered why— at the same time and despite all of my success — I was not happy.

At age 42 I quit my job. It was the third time I had burned out: I knew I had to change.

Then for the first time in my life someone asked me: “So what do you want?”

The question took me by surprise. No one had ever before really asked me, nor had I asked myself, what I wanted. Maybe I did not listen because I was too busy doing the things others expected me.

It took me another 10 years to come to the point that I knew what I wanted and allowed myself to really do it!

Here’s what I realised: I had to believe in myself to become the authentic feminine leader I am today. I had to be proud of who I am and to make my voice heard when I share my purpose with the world!

The Japanese call your purpose Ikigai — the reason why you exist. When you really live your purpose, you come in this flow in which work does not feel like work. It is such a natural part of who you are, of your core being, that it does not feel like work. It feels like being, living, loving, and being loved all at once. And when you are in that state, that flow, your are able to do what you must with great and authentic passion while growing old.

This is why I am launching the Wize Move Society. This is what I love to share with multitudes of women and men facing the realities of growing older: Live your passion, live you purpose … and on the way let’s create a better future for ourselves and for generations to com.



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