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Date: Starting September 8, 2022 (every Thursday for 7 weeks)

Time: 10.00am – 11.30am CET

Number of sessions: 7 sessions spread over 7 weeks

Investment: €199.00


Each one of the GRIT Star 7 Stages of the program is a lesson of self-improvement wherein you get clarity and deepness of the subject addressed.

The interactive sessions allow each participant to share their views, results and aha moments. Each session includes 4 practical tools, called 4 GRIT B’s to practice daily through the week, living and feeling the results of each one.

So, throughout the 7 weeks, you will have experienced, learned and applied 28 different practices that will support you staying present, focused on your wellbeing, feeling and living the benefits of organic sustained success in your life.

The 4 GRIT B’s are valuable to anyone, but more so as we get older.

GRIT Breath – We live because we breathe, but much of our breathing is instinctive and unconscious. Through learning conscious breathing techniques and practising it on a daily basis, you can improve your vitality.

GRIT Brain – Keep your mind healthy. The brain is a bit like a muscle – you need to train your mind in order to keep it functioning to its fullest potential. In every session, we create new pathways with what we learn in order to get the best of the new and the existing knowledge to its best use in the present.

GRIT Belief – Develop a belief system that supports your growth, by incorporating it into your daily life you can shift limiting beliefs to sustain your health & success.

GRIT Body – Body consciousness Is as important for our holistic wellbeing as breathing, eating, resting and loving.


Viola Edward is a multi-awarded personal & corporate advisor and mentor. A transcultural psychotherapist, breathwork mentoring trainer, social entrepreneur. She works internationally with individual and corporate clients in cross-pollination self-development, management and leadership.

Pioneer of Wellness & Mental Health Fitness in the workplace since 1993, CEO/co-owner of GRIT Academy, partner/ED of Creative Women Platform, co-creator of BQ- Breath Intelligence and GRIT Breathwork Method. Author of two books: “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” and the Amazon Best Sellers “Who Makes the Bed?” and co-author of thirteen more.

Viola is a board member, international connector and serves as an ambassador for Human Rights and Gender Equity.


Layla Edward is CFO. Co-founder of GRIT Academy. International trainer of GRIT method & Breathwork. Layla is certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine, (acupuncturist). Birth Facilitator. She is a creative entrepreneur, personal and Business Coach / Mentor.

Based in Cyprus, active online. Her practical experience shows her that by integrating the past and living in the present moment, an internal state of peace and self-satisfaction can be reached, which is fundamental in recuperating the capacity of joy & holistic health!

Through her work, Layla supports improving and expanding the human potential, creating conditions for her students and clients to widen their consciousness and reach internal peace and self-satisfaction.


GRIT Academy

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