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Human Design

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DATE: March 25, 2023

TIME: 3pm – 6pm CET

INVESTMENT: Euro 60.00


Human Design is a system and a technique that combines ancient wisdom and modern science to help you understand the beauty and power of who you are, your energy make-up and how you operate energetically.

Your Human Design chart shows you what energies are consistent for you and which energies you take in from the world around you. Our energy fields are influenced by others around us, and we don’t always know what our personal energy is and what we are receiving from others.

The Human Design chart is made of elements taken from ancient traditions: the Kabbalah, the I Ching, Astrology, and the Chakra system. It is a tool that teaches us about our power and possibility of evolution. In this course you will learn: the 5 personality types, your personal Human Design chart, the elements composing your chart, how you operate energetically.


Paola Devescovi is a Certified Transformational and Prosperity Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Reiki Master Teacher, Breath Yoga Coach.
She is the founder of The Bridge – Center of Transformation, a “holistic center in your pocket”, that offers workshops, consultations and resources combining ancient traditions and science to help people transform their lives and business from the inside out. Paola is also a student of life, people, success, business, money, synchronicity, the ultimate nature of our reality, manifestation and intuition, energy and the mind.


The Bridge, Centre of Transformation

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