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Kickstarter 4: Health Goals & Healthy Habits Kickstarter

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DATE: October 7, 2022

TIME: 3.00pm – 4.30pm CET


The Healthy Eating Kickstarter is a 4-week course, but sessions can be taken individually.

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Session 4:

Knowing what to eat and how to eat mindfully are the first two steps to a healthier relationship with food. The final step is setting and realising our health goals in a sustainable way. This practical session will help participants picture their wellness vision and define what “health” means to them. We will then use the latest tools and techniques in forming a plan and engraining healthy habits that stick.

Length: 90-minute workshop

Takeaway: Workshop workbook that can be completed during the session by participants.


Bernadette Keogh is originally from the UK and has been residing in The Netherlands since 2015. She is a corporate wellbeing training facilitator, a mindfulness and mindful eating coach and a registered nutritional therapist. She has a passion to help people live healthier and happier lives through cultivating mindful awareness and a positive mindset, as well as empowering people to make the right food choices to help them realise their health goals. As Bernadette quickly approaches her 50th birthday, healthy aging and longevity are at the heart of her research. She works with individual clients as well as developing and facilitating group courses and workshops. Focus is placed on both the outer wisdom (eg latest evidence-based nutrition knowledge) and inner wisdom (eg awareness of body cues such as hunger and fullness, awareness of emotions), to ensure a holistic and sustainable approach to health.

Prior to her career in wellbeing Bernadette worked for over 15 years in high profile partnership development and digital marketing roles. She now brings her life experience to her training and coaching sessions, allowing her to connect with the challenges her clients and participants are facing and working on practical solutions to create the conditions for positive change in people’s lives. This includes raising self-awareness, connecting with goals and values and implementing new habits that will lead to long-term health benefits and wellbeing.

Mindful Living with Bernadette

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