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Rewiring my Brain

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Date: November 07, 2023

Time: 4.00pm – 5.30pm CET

Investment: €70.00


‘Reignite my passion for the future, understand the archaic nature of my brain and overcome the biological deficit that is holding me back.’

Learn how habits dictate how we show up, work, interact with others etc.

Explore my own habits that are holding me back.

Understand the process required to develop the habits required to drive my future.

Set actions and feedback loop to achieve new successes.


Eugene is a seasoned business executive and held directorship roles in Human Resources and Business Development, in several organizations and industries. He specialized in business transformation and the implementation of turnaround and development strategies. His unique talent and passion for developing, mentoring and coaching others resulted in numerous current executives being guided by Eugene’s leadership impact.

In 2011 he moved into private practice and founded Incight Organization Development, an organization development consulting, leadership development and coaching practice.

He has designed and managed business transformation and change projects across the breadth and depth of organisations focusing on the improvement of organizational effectiveness and health.

In addition to facilitating leadership programs, Eugene has coached individual leaders and leadership teams, guiding them to interrogate their thinking, improve their conversational interactions, strengthen their relationships, make informed leadership choices, and put actions in place to rapidly achieve their goals.

Eugene has developed and delivered neuroscience programmes focusing on educating delegates on the new research of the brain and sharing tools and processes to enhance thinking as it applies to leadership, decision-making, innovation and creativity, and collaboration. He is a part-time educator on neuroscience for Duke CE.

Eugene is an accomplished keynote speaker and has delivered papers internationally.


Incight OD

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