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Series – I’ve Got a Whole Lot of Living To Do

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Workshop 1: July 20, 2022

Workshop 2: July 27, 2022

Workshop 3: August 3, 2022

Workshop 4: August 10, 2022


All workshops are 8.00pm – 9.00pm CET

Investment: €90.00


This is a 4-part ‘posture’ training series. While each session can be taken as a stand-alone session, to get maximum results and benefit from the training, it is advisable to complete all four sessions in the series. Individual sessions are available in the online store.

The 4 parts of ‘I’ve Got a Lot of Living To Do’ are:

Part 1: 5 Keys for Feeling Strong, Vital and Youthful

Part 2: Staying Flexible for Healthy Aging

Part 3: Increasing Core Strength for Healthy Aging

Part 4: Importance of Balance for Healthy Aging

Part One: Posture Assessment: 5 Keys for Feeling Strong, Vital and Youthful

In this segment, we will set the foundation for appreciating the importance of a healthy spine and how it affects our ageing. We will practice a series of simple movements created to impact your posture while sitting in a chair, at your desk or watching TV then we will move to your mat. Oxygenate and mobilize your body, calm your mind with these breath-centred postures designed to keep your spine, neck, arms, shoulders, hips, legs, and torso mobile and strong.

We will experience:

• A centring exercise to calm and focus the mind

• The differences between good and poor posture whether sitting or standing

• A simple way to assess your posture

• How your posture affects your organs; digestion, breathing, circulation, elimination

• Foundational breathing exercise for focus and to build awareness

• Postures to create flexibility and tone to the neck, shoulders arms, spine, core, back, legs, and feet

• How to improve the health of your spine through different ranges of motion.

We finish with a sitting or reclining relaxation pose, a breathing exercise and a short meditation.

A beautiful way to feel rejuvenated.

Part Two: Staying Flexible for Healthy Ageing

In this class we will continue to learn about the nuances of your posture. Use your kitchen counter, the back of a chair, or your desktop to do this simple standing breath-centred series. We’ll stretch, tone and mobilize everything from your shoulders, arms, hips, knees, fingers and toe joints to strengthening your body’s core, legs and back.

We’ll also:

1. Begin with a centring exercise to relax the mind and the body

2. Learn proper breathing for creating core strength

3. Learn the importance of stretching in the role of healthy posture

4. Assess the tightness of your hamstrings and simple movements to stretch and tone

5. Poses to bring strength and flexibility of your feet, ankles and legs

6. Forward, backward and side bends, and twists to bring mobility to your spine.

We finish with a delightful relaxation pose on your mat, breathing exercise and a short meditation. Have a cushion to sit on. delightful way to feel energized.

Part Three: Increasing Core Strength for Healthy Ageing

In this session we will explore the importance of balance and how it affects your posture. With this easy breath-centred approach, we begin sitting and lying on the mat and move to standing. Move at a pace comfortable for you – doing these poses with an easy attitude will gradually strengthen your arms, shoulders, back, and legs while mobilizing your spine, neck, hip, knee, feet, hand joints and improving your balance.

Combining postures for a whole-body workout:

1. Begin with a centring exercise

2. Learn the importance of strong muscles in the role of healthy posture

3. Sitting and lying postures to open the hip joints, stretch the neck, shoulders and back, strengthen the core, legs and back

4. Standing postures to stretch and tone your arms, legs, groin, buttocks, back and feet

5. Simple twists, forward, back and side bends for mobility of your spine

6. Balance poses to bring strength and flexibility to your feet, ankles, legs and arms.

We finish with a delightful relaxation pose, breathing exercise and a short meditation. Have a cushion to sit on. Feel centred and calm.

Part Four: Importance of Balance for Healthy Ageing

In our final session you will experience another level of flexibility in your spine, neck, hips, inner thighs along with strengthening your core, arms, shoulders, back, legs, and feet. Modifications will be suggested but remember to always move at your own comfort level.

Delight in the experience of:

  • A centring exercise for inner focus and calm
  • Learn the importance of balance in the role of healthy posture
  • Warm up poses while sitting and then standing as we flow through a series of poses: stretching upward, folding into a forward bend, taking your leg back into a lunge, moving into a simple inverted pose and returning to standing
  • Poses to bring mobility to wrists, fingers, ankles, hips, and toes.
  • Balance pose

-We finish with a delightful relaxation pose, breathing exercise and a short meditation. Have a cushion to sit on.

-Congratulations, you now have intimate knowledge on how your posture impacts healthy aging. Enjoy!


Deborah is a certified Wellness Educator, Buteyko Breathing Educator, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Meditation Instructor, Workshop Leader, Speaker and designer of the Clarity Process.

A visionary who embraces the power, beauty and grace within each individual, she created, owned and operated several successful businesses, and has been teaching and coaching online for years. Yoga asanas, pranayama breathing practices, and meditation have been an integral part of Deborah’s lifestyle for over 48 years. Her unique teaching combines the depth of yoga postures, the power of breath, and the silence of meditation to motivate and support her students in exploring their full potential. Deborah’s teaching style is both fun and inspiring.

Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, Deborah works with clients around the world. She is a member of the Women Speakers Association, Wize Moves Society, WWBN (Westshore Women’s Business Network), eWomen Network, Female Wave of Change Canada and a contributor on the Breath Hub App.


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