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Tap into the power of your multiple brains – Full Program

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Wise Leadership Decision Making, for business owner’s, CEO’s or managers.

DATE: Starting February 23, 2023:- 5 Weeks, 1 Session Per Week

TIME: 3.30PM – 5.30PM CET



Why use only one brain consciously if you have at least three?!

Wise Leadership Decision Making is informed by action and behavioural research, which uses neuroscience findings about your innate intelligences. This research confirms scientifically what many wisdoms traditions practice. It allows to align your head, heart, and gut brains (Yes, we have at least three) to do the right thing at the right time.

More than ever in human history we live in times of massively accelerating change in social, business, and economic spaces, making the decision landscape far more complex than in the last century. This asks of us to expand our behavioural flexibility on how to deal wisely with the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) reality. If you know yourself well, you can stand up for what your values are and create the world you want to live in.

Many managers and leaders experience rising stress and the amount of relatively young leaders that are at home with a burn-out is increasing by the day. Taking any decision is getting tougher, taking wise decision close to impossible using our habitual ways of thinking. Offering a program that allows young and old to manage this intensifying pressure, is crucial for continuous business success. Increasing their own energy level by understanding how they can use their innate intelligences effectively allows them to stay in the workspace. It creates trust (in themselves) and efficiency that is generative for themselves, for business and for society as a whole.

The full interactive program offers:

  • An expansion of your human potential
  • Insight into the hidden wisdom of language
  • The theoretical backbone based on neuroscience and wisdom traditions
  • An understanding of the 3 core competencies of the brains
  • An understanding of the 9 prime functions of the brains
  • A roadmap on how to communicate with your multiple brains and understand their ‘language’
  • Mindful awareness exercises
  • Practical routines to introduce into your daily life for balance and alignment
  • A roadmap on how to make individual wise decisions for your work or private life
  • A generative practice on how to improve your success and create a happy life environment for all
  • Practising amongst participants helping each other to make wiser decisions

If you want to keep your head cool, follow your heart, and have the guts to live your dream, this program is for you.

Previous participants say:

“This approached saved me many therapeutical sessions and helped me not only to love my work, but also my life.”


Online, 5 sessions of two hours plus individual mandatory half-hour pre-coaching session

Dates: 10th November/17th November/24th November/1st December/8th December

Option for extra paid one on one coaching available during or after the program

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Tailor-made on demand


Cécile is born and bred in Switzerland and lived and worked in various countries. She is an author, a polyglot, and an international leadership master coach with a feminine twist. Cécile loves helping her clients fall in love with life again and to come into their own. Her work weaves somatic based approaches and traditional leadership practices, old wisdom traditions and neuroscience, which help her clients to be stress resistant and wise in their decision making. She invites them to include more than their conditioned knowledge, go beyond biases, question their assumptions, and tap into their own wisdom. She does that in one-on-one coaching and through tailor-made trainings that include, Theory-U, constellation work and multiple brain integration techniques.

Cécile is the happy mother of two adult children, and grandmother of a baby girl. She has a passion for nature and the arts and lives by the quote out of her book Rose letters of love to life:
“The intention is to honor life, not to destroy it. That intention can only come from an open heart, which knows the gratitude, not to say the joy of being alive.”


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