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Thrive After 50: Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Journey

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This program is a global collaboration between the Wize Move Society and the Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship.


Next group starts July 2024. Dates to be confirmed but you can register now already to secure your seat.


(The program consists of 7 sessions spanning three and a half weeks; two sessions per week – Mondays and Thursdays)

TIME: 7.00pm – 8.30pm CEST


TRAINER/S: A team of 6 experienced Wize Move Society Influencers


With no blueprint for what to do with the gift of extended longevity, the 50+ can design new lives, by optimizing their life, and work experience to pursue nontraditional career paths and creating businesses of their own. Research has shown that ‘Senior Entrepreneurs’ are, in fact, the 21st century’s new economic engines. Entrepreneurs aged 50+ are launching new businesses faster than any other demographic worldwide, and an overwhelming number is creating social enterprises, including green businesses. Moreover, studies have shown that five years after startup, 70% of ventures established by older entrepreneurs are still in operation, compared to just 28% of enterprises launched by younger entrepreneurs – something that points to one crucial factor: Experience!

We believe there is an entrepreneur hidden in all of us. Although you may not have been an entrepreneur so far, this is the time to awaken that entrepreneurial spirit and design the next step towards your future. This program is introductory, it serves to awaken that entrepreneurial spirit, it is part collaborative community, tech incubator, an interactive, blended, adult learning workshop designed to harness the power of entrepreneurial thought and action, to translate 50+ years of experience into the skills and mindset needed to develop a business or launch a new career. The curriculum, specifically designed for the adult learner, helps you demystify entrepreneurship and understand how – even though you may have never self-identified as entrepreneurs – you have been thinking and acting entrepreneurially all your life, be it managing a home, balancing family and career, running a farm, etc. The most popular session and biggest confidence builder is on Day 2 when we present the ExperienceIncubator® Decoding Your Entrepreneurial History Decade by Decade.


Session 1:

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

You will understand what it means to be an entrepreneur and explore if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. It is a life transition and will have an impact personally, socially, economically. We will declutter your attitudes and behavior to become more confident

What is Entrepreneurial Thinking and Acting

Imagination and inspiration must be sustained by acting. We will use the entrepreneurial thinking and acting methodology designed by Babson College and GIEE (ET&A ™)

Create the things that really matter to you by taking swift, confident, and smart action when faced with the unknown

Session 2:

Decoding your Entrepreneurial History, Decade by Decade

We will delve into your life, decade by decade, to see how you have been thinking and acting entrepreneurially

We will identify innate skills, themes, and patterns in your experience

Session 3:

Anatomy of an Idea / Ideas in Motion

We will show you where good ideas come from: how to validate, actualize and implement.

The Experienced Entrepreneur is informed by past experience and all the resources presently available, can yield things that are better, faster, cheaper, and more widely available.

Experience Equity Inventory – Building your Brain Trust

You will learn how to create an Informal “Brain Trust” to get honest feedback before you go to market (friends, colleagues from different sectors, biz partners)

Session 4:

Branding that Brings Result in our Social Media Marketing World

You will learn more about the way to communicate your value proposition; verbally and graphically and create a first blueprint

Session 5:

Entrepreneuring is a Verb, Not a Business Plan: Just Start

You will learn to trust your experience, to stop overthinking and second guessing!

Money – Common Sense and Cents

How to control your start-up costs while capitalizing your business.

Investigate various financing options, pros and cons and explore crowdfunding as a market research tool

Session 6:

Failures are Opportunities to Learn

Together we will decode your failures to turn them into opportunities

Open and Closed Mindsets: Reframing Limiting Beliefs

Let’s realize that small acorns can be just as good as big unicorns!

Session 7:

Exit Well – It’s your Legacy and Program Wrap–up

Especially when we start a business later in life it is good to think about the exit strategies; do you just want to close the door behind you, or do you want to build something that you can transfer to a next owner.

This last session we will reflect on what has been happening these 7 weeks. Do you want to continue your transition into that experience entrepreneur or do you want to use your entrepreneurial mindset to explore new job opportunities. We love to hear your intentions!

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