April Summit

Wize Move Society and Brave Starts present

Boomer or Bloomer – What’s Next?

A 3-day online summit for the over 50 and all those interested!

April 5, 7, 12 from 3.00 until 5.00 PM CET

The time we live in shows huge demographic changes: the over 50 generation is growing rapidly. This generation is more healthy, better educated and more active than ever.

This will have immediate effects on our society, the economy, our healthcare systems, and also on the individual lives of this generation. Most of them will have to work longer than they expected when they first entered the workforce.

Brave Starts and Wize Move Society offer you a 3 day summit where we together dive deeper in the challenges that we are, or soon will be facing, we talk about the opportunities and move into a conversation with members of different generations how to combine our strengths, our knowledge, experience and wisdom. 

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April 5: A Multi – Generational Workforce

Since we will all live longer, we will need to work longer. Only few of this generation have built a retirement fund that is big enough to live another 25 – 30 years. If this generation could leave the workforce in their 60’s, this population can never be replaced by the younger generation just entering the workforce. It would mean a huge knowledge drain and a skills crisis. It is a fact that in the very near future, we will have to be able to work in a work environment with people of different age groups. Some organizations already experience the challenges. How are we together going to create a work environment where people of all age groups feel welcome, valued, challenged, and fulfilled?
Wittenberg-Cox - Avivah - Contributor (1)

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox

Ali Fellow at HARVARD, Author, Speaker, Executive Coach, Top 40 over 40, Founder Elderberries

Bradley Schurman

Bradley Schurman

Author of The Super Age: Decoding Our Demographic Destiny, Founder, Entrepreneur, and Speaker

Elizabeth K

Elizabeth Kiehner

Vice President @Capgemini Invent, Author (Quatro, 2021), Forbs HR Council, Forbs Women Forum

Viola Edward

Viola Edward

Psychotherapist, CEO GRIT Academy, Multiple Awarded Breath Worker

Your Host

Ingun Bol

Ingun Bol-de Bock

CEO Move in2 the Future
Creator Wize Move Society
Top 40 over 40 World’s Most Inspiring Women 2022
Top Women in Social Enterprise 2022

April 7: Senior Entrepreneurship

There is a changing view on retirement and how the majority of people see it as a phased transition rather than a “cliff-edge” event.

More people want to stay active and keep their minds alert. One of the options older people explore is becoming an entrepreneur. The gig – economy is offering opportunities to return to the workplace as a mentor, a coach or consultant. The internet and our global reach, offers new opportunities.

On our second summit day we will dive with our experts in the world of senior entrepreneurship: why do people make the choice to become an entrepreneur, what do they need and what is it that makes senior entrepreneurs successful.


Elizabeth Isele

Founder and CEO The Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship, Senior Fellow in Social Innovation

Mary J Cronin-2022

Mary J. Cronin

President 4Q Catalyst, Social Entrepreneur, Management Professor, Business Advisor, Multi-Generational Team Builder, Author

han van Doorn

Han van Doorn

CO-Founder of ‘Are You Okay Today’-App, Developer of an early signaling model for dementia

Your Host


Mike Mansfield

Thought leader retirement security, 100 Year Life, Healthy Active Aging, Multi-Generational Inclusion, Pioneer in over 50's Entrepreneurship

April 12: How to live your Best Later Life

We live longer than ever before and this means we probably have to work for longer. Organisations are increasingly recognising the need to prepare and support people to live and work longer. What is the implication for the 50plus generation?

How does this older generation prepare for the next stage of their life? Is it time to re-invent ourselves, do we build portfolio careers, how do we create multiple and sustainable income streams?

What becomes more important later in life? Happiness, joy, fulfillment, creating an impact or is it still responsibility, high income? Do we want to step down or make more lateral moves?

Yvonne Soniso

Yvonne Sonsino

Global Co-Leader Next Stage at Mercer, Author, Public Speaker

Deborah Gale

Deborah Gale

The Purpose Exchange, The Age of No Retirement, Encore Fellows UK


Thomas Mathar

Insight Manager, Centre for Behavioral Research Aegon UK

Your Host

Lucy Standing

Lucy Standing

Founder Brave Starts
Pro Age Trustee